A Cultivated Heart

KEY VERSE | 1 Chronicles 16:11

“Search for the Lord and for His strength; continually seek Him.”

I grew up a “farmer’s daughter.” As a child, our social calendar revolved around the seasons. Not fall, winter, spring and summer, but planting season and harvest season. I can remember riding with my dad in his big tractor pulling his “planter.” He would talk about all the work that goes into preparing for seed planting. He first needed to work the land, getting out anything in the soil that would become a problem for the seeds to grow and flourish. He told me the importance of rows—that seeds needed space to grow. Dad always took what seemed like an exorbitant amount of time applying the fertilizer.

As a child I wondered why he spent so much time on fertilizer when he had already prepared the land and planted the seeds? Did the fertilizer really matter? As my dad explained the importance of fertilizer, I began to understand. My father fertilized the ground to keep the nutrients in the ground. The growing process from seed to harvest takes from the ground, but fertilizer replenishes. Faith is like our fertilizer. When we are fertilized in faith small beginnings lead to bountiful harvests. 

“Then Jesus said, ‘What is the Kingdom of God like? How can I illustrate it? It is like a tiny mustard seed that a man planted in a garden; it grows and becomes a tree, and the birds make nests in its branches.’” Luke 13:18-19 

When we allow God to do His work in our life, He begins to fertilize us. He prepares and sets us up to grow in all situations and circumstances through time in the Word and prayer. He then plants us in the local church—a crop of fertilized, activated faith—to bring truth, encouragement and love. Being a co-laborer in Christ in a flourishing church brings me back to the seasons—planting and the harvest. Fertilize me Lord; help me flourish in faith and plant me in the good soil of a local church. Use me to put the nutrients of Your Word back into the ground on this earth.

RESPONSE | Ask the Lord to help you flourish in faith and reveal to you areas where you may not be flourishing.